What Now?

What Now?
Varied Interests

I’m in a quandary about what to do about this blog. I started it to learn how to express myself. By nature, I am a private person, so learning to say what was on my mind in a clear and concise manner is difficult for me. It was also a tool to help me deal with my depressive episodes. I still enjoy it, but my recent projects have taken me away from it so I haven’t been posting lately.

I also wonder about the future of blogging. As I look around everything is podcasts and YouTube videos. Those forms of communication are not for me. If you think I suck at writing, try me in front of a camera. As the old saying goes, I have a face built for radio!

And as I review my posts from the year ending, I recognize there is no central theme or concept to attract readers. I’ve never cared about attracting followers, but speaking to an empty room doesn’t interest me either. It seems like a waste of time.

While I’ve always enjoyed having varied interests, it makes my site disjointed and chaotic. I’m a wine-drinking gaming geek CEO. I’m the Frankenstein monster of interests. And in the past few months I’ve added photography AND painting miniatures again (after a 10 year hiatus). Do I include those topics on this site as well?

I’ve thought about spinning up sites dedicated to these different interests. But as little as I add content to this site, trying to feed 3 or 4 more sites makes little sense.

So I’m stuck.

For the coming year, I plan on adding my initial attempts at photography to this site. I’ve also built the framework for it, all I need now is to snap pictures for content. I also will lessen my gaming posts here. While I initially wanted to show I was writing, it is a specialized topic which only interests a few dedicated fellow crazies. Besides, my gaming buddies might find out I have a blog. (No, I haven’t told them. Nor does my family or anyone in my company know. I am the KING of compartmentalization!)

I might also add in a micro-blog sidebar for personal musings, thoughts and occasional rants I might have. This site had that in the past, but as detailed above, I struggle with expressing myself. But then again why the hell did I start this blog in the first place? My mantra for 2019 is to challenge myself.

So there you go, a meandering post about my blogging internal conflicts and plans for 2019. Don’t you feel you just wasted 5 minutes of your life you will never get back!?!



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