The Promise of Morning

The Promise of Morning

I’m always amazed by the positive power of the morning.  As the sun climbs over the horizon and the first rays of light touch the world around me, it whispers the promise of our greatest blessing; a new day, a fresh start that Nature gives us every 24 hours.

I don’t think it is any real secret I suffer from occasional bouts of depression and anxiety.  For me, my depression manifests itself as a constant cloud of melancholy.  It invades my thoughts, choking the energy from me by constantly reminding of my failures, missed opportunities and personal inadequacies. Luckily for me these episodes are not as severe as so many others, so I’m blessed in that regard, and I fight these blues by reminding myself of the many gifts and blessing I have in my life, and looking for the small sparks of positive energy in the world around us; like the morning sunrise.  So it does not surprise me that one symptom of depression is the inability to get out of bed and face the day.  Depression perpetuates itself by robbing its victims of one of the best weapons to defeat it.  Morning’s light is Nature’s natural remedy against the darkness of depression, but we need to be awake to receive it, and many people suffering from depression cannot fight the crushing weight of their affliction to rise and experience it.

The promise of morning is often an oath unfulfilled.  The daily commitments we all face; to work, family and the grinding onslaught on constant news of chaos and craziness in the world rob us of our energy, stealing the positive fuel the morning provides us.  But never blame the day’s beginning for this.  Its promise is honest, unfettered by any obligations to us.  What most of us do not realize is the promise is broken by our own hands.  We fail to live up to our part of the bargain.  The energy we put into the trials of our daily lives should match the energy of the first rays of light that flood over horizon to begin the day.  Only when we do this do we fulfill the unwritten oath we have made with the light, allowing it to push the darkness of doubt and worry from our bodies and soul.


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