The Morning of Being…

The Morning of Being…
Quiet Morning is a Good Morning

I have noted before I’ve never been an early riser.  For much of my professional career I was a computer geek, so I would often be up all hours of the night working when my users were asleep and out of the system.  As a result, if I got up before 8:00am I either had an early meeting or the house was on fire.  Even though I’m no longer a “practicing” techie, until recently I still refused to get up early.  I just didn’t see the point.  But in the past year I decided I needed to shake some things up in my life.  My day was just too static and monotonous.  It didn’t seem like I challenging myself in any meaningful way.  I was in a rut.

I decided that a new routine to start my day might be a great way to break the monotony, to start the day in a fresh and productive way.  My plan was to first exercise my body with a short brisk walk with my dogs.  Next, I would exercise my brain and soul with a little journaling and some meditation.  I wanted to focus on me before I focused on the events of the day.

In order to accomplish these goals, I needed to get up an hour earlier than I had in the past.  But in the process of developing this routine, I discovered something else I wasn’t expecting.

I discovered the morning.

Not the morning of doing, the morning of being.  I discovered the morning that people always write about; first light breaking over the horizon, an early morning fog in the trees, a light frost crunching under my feet on my morning walk.

I discovered things I would have made fun of 10 years before, but now were desperately missing from my life.  Up to now, I had missed all of these things;  I had simply slept right through them.

Now I am addicted to the morning.  I require the experience of the new day.  I enjoy the time when I am up but most people aren’t.  During my walk, I enjoy seeing the few people that share my addiction.  We rarely talk outside of a short greeting.  Instead, we smile knowingly at each other because this time is our little secret, unknown to most everyone else.  It is our special club.

I love the quiet of the house when I come back from my walk, the time before others in my home begin to stir.   During this quiet time, I have my thoughts, a cup of coffee and the dogs resting at my feet.  It is the best part of my day.

There is a contemplative calm to the morning.  It is meditation with my eyes open, a leisurely pace I can enjoy before the controlled chaos of the day.  By taking this quiet time for ME, I set a soothing tone that often stays with me the rest of my day.  And no matter what the next day may bring, I look forward to the next morning.

And that makes all the difference…


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