Tenuta La Calcinaie San Gimignano Vernaccia 2015

Tenuta La Calcinaie San Gimignano Vernaccia 2015
Tenuta Le Calcinaie San Gimignano Vernaccia 2015

We are going back to Italy for our next wine.

I’m not a big white wine drinker.  I tend to prefer heavier, more robust red wines.  White wines are usually either too fruity or too sweet for my palate.  In addition, there are more health benefits in red wines, so I figure if I’m going to consume the calories, I might as well get the positive effects that go along with a red wine.

Nonetheless, before all the white wine lovers band together to form a lynching party, I am well aware there ARE some excellent whites out there, and I do enjoy the occasional wine, especially when it is paired properly.

Last night, my wife and I settled down with some cheese, nuts, and fruit to watch a movie.  Digging around in my admittedly small collection of white wines, I pulled the Tenuta Le Calcinaie San Gimignano Vernaccia to pair.  Ended up being a good choice.


The winery is located 3 kilometers from the center of San Gimignano, in Tuscany.  Established in 1986, Tenuta Le Calcinaie began producing wine in 1993.  The vineyard grows grapes using organic growing methods, including copper and sulfur salts for insecticide and fertilizer.  This produces grapes with a very low toxicity.


This is one of mainstay wines provided by the Tenuta Le Calcinaie winery.   The wine is made from the Vernaccia grapes of the San Gimignano area.  After a brief maceration of the grapes, separated from the bunch and crushed, the juice is squeezed from the skins.   This process is followed by a static decantation and then fermentation in steel vats at a controlled temperature. An extended period of fermentation enriches the new wine with floral aromas, complexity, and intensity.


This wine balances nicely between sweet and dry.  The nose is honeysuckle and peaches.  There is a strong peach and honey flavor with citrus intermixed.  It has a clean, crisp and fruity finish, with an excellent balance of acidity.    Obviously best served cold.  Excellent “value” wine, and probably one of the Italian wines I’d had in a while.


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