Moment Lens Review

“The best camera is the one that is with you.” — Chase Jarvis

Then I travel, I don’t like to take a big camera rig with me.  While I cannot claim to be the best photographer in the world, I do enjoy taking photos during our travels.   However, the best part of traveling is the EXPERIENCE, and I have found the more time I spend fiddling with a camera, the less time I have to enjoy the experience.   Like most working adults in the free world, it is very rare when I do not have my smartphone on my person.  The brainiacs at Moment Lens have recognized that fact and have created a smartphone camera case and a set of professionally crafted lens, taking mobile photography to a new level.

Moment makes 4 different lenses (18mm Wide Lens, 60mm Telephoto Lens, 25mm (10x) Macro Lens, and a recently released 15mm Superfish lens).   Primarily for Apple iPhones, these lenses are for serious photographers, expertly designed and made with cinema quality glass.  These lenses are designed to create images that are clear edge to edge, minimal distortion, and of high contrast.