Spain Trip: Day 5 – (Part 2): Generalife and Granada
Patio de la Acequia

Spain Trip: Day 5 – (Part 2): Generalife and Granada

Within visible walking distance of Alhambra is the Palacio de Generalife, the summer palace of the Nasrid sultans of Granada. Generalife is Arabic for “Architect’s Garden”. Although smaller than the palace at Alhambra, Generalife has a quiet charm and restful demeanor that the rulers of this volatile region probably required.


To access the Generalife, we had to walk through the gardens separating the Alhambra and the summer palace. Per our tour guide Christina, the sultans typically did not sleep in the summer palace, and rode between the two palaces by horseback, primarily due to fear of assassination. That was their loss, as our stroll through the gardens to the Generalife was soothing walk, even on a hot day like when we visited.


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