Reflections of A Strange Ten Year Anniversary

On February 16th, 2010, my wife DJ and I were home from work early to meet with a representative for repairs on the house. In the preceding weeks, DJ had a few doctor appointments to follow up on some inconclusive ultrasounds during a breast exam, but we were not unduly concerned. Similar situations had happened in the past, with no adverse outcomes. My wife has always been conscientious about her health and wellness, maintaining regular doctor visits, watching what she ate, and exercising regularly. As our repair meeting was ending, DJ received a call on her cell phone. She walked to another part of the house to take the call in private while I finished up with the repairman. (more…)

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My Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety
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My Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

After all the recent celebrities committing suicide in the last few months, I’ve been thinking of my personal battles with depression and anxiety.  I never suffered from depression growing up.  An introvert?  Definitely, but my bouts of depression and anxiety only occurred in the last few years.  I consider myself lucky as I’ve never been diagnosed with anything worse than moderate clinical depression.  Personally I categorize my episodes as “melancholy”, a persistent sense of sadness or mourning without an obvious reason.   But knowing what that feels like makes me empathize who suffer from severe depression or anxiety.  To imagine what depths of despair severe depression sufferers must sink to consider death a preferable alternative frightens me to remain vigilant against this problem.  I’ve developed a few “home” remedies to help keep my head above water.  These do not replace known solutions (therapy, medication, etc.) but for me form a daily routine to keep my personal melancholy “demons” at bay.  If you find yourself with your own set of devils on your shoulder, maybe something here will work for you.