Spain Trip: Day 3 – Villages of Catalonia Tour
Calella de Palafrugell

Spain Trip: Day 3 – Villages of Catalonia Tour

When we visited Barcelona many years ago, we never got to go outside the confines of the city.  This time around we wanted to make sure that we got out of the city. Our plan was to see some of the small villages and towns in Catalonia, between Barcelona and the Pyrenees Mountains.  For this, we decided to try something new… again.  In addition to our valued tour guide Monica, we secured the services of a car (and driver) for the day.  When I travel, I don’t care to drive if I can help it.  In a foreign country in particular, DJ and I typically use public transport (buses, trains) or get a taxi.  It saves me from having to investigate the local driving laws.  Plus, we get to see how the locals get around.  In the end that makes us feel more like travelers and less like tourists.

However, public transportation would not be a good option here for a day trip. We were surprised to find out how cheap it was to have our own driver.   Call me elitist if you want, but when it comes to travel, my goal is always to keep things easy.   Have a chauffeur for the day and be driven around in a spacious Mercedes town car?  Sign me up!