Spain Trip: Day 2 – Gaudi Tour
La Sagrada Familia

Spain Trip: Day 2 – Gaudi Tour

Every city has something that makes it unique.  It might be a historical event, magnificent building or famous person.  In Barcelona, the famous person would be Antoni Gaudi and the magnificent building would be La Sagrada Familia Cathedral.  Both Gaudi and La Sagrada Familia where highlights on our tour today.

Tour Guide

We decided to try something new this trip.  We hired an experienced tour guide to guide us through the labyrinth city streets of Barcelona and provide an informational commentary during our tour.  Our guide Monica is a Catalan native and lifelong inhabitant of Barcelona, so was very knowledgeable on local history and architecture. She met us at 10:00am at our hotel lobby, we all walk outside, she hailed us a taxi and we were off!