Prior to this trip, I had always used my iPhone camera to capture images from our travels.  I was tired of limited zoom options, so for this trip, I spent some money and bought a decent camera.  I reached out to some professional photographers on Instagram (Thank you Linda, Brett, Juzl, and Leslie!) for suggestions.  I ended up selecting a Sony A7RIII with a 24-105mm Standard Zoom lens.  While I have neither training nor talent in photography, my hope was having better equipment would result in better photos.  With the ability to take RAW images, I invested in Adobe Lightroom CC to do simple edits and image enhancements. 

Portugal is a beautiful country and I hope I did it justice during our visit.  Since this is my first time traveling with my Sony Alpha, these are, quite frankly, the photos of a newbie.  Nonetheless, I like many of these photos, so I have hopes of getting better.  As always, I welcome constructive feedback.  This isn’t my real job; it is a hobby, so I’m not too proud to hear solid critiques or criticisms.