Porto, the City of Bridges

Porto, the City of Bridges
Porto at night

To say I have neglected this site would be the understatement of the year.  Because this site is for my personal use, I don’t care about posting consistently or keeping content “fresh.”  As a result, I write when the mood strikes me.  Work has been crazy, so my attention has been focused elsewhere.

But I noticed this post in draft form, so I thought I would finish it up and post it while I had some free time.  There’s not a lot here on places to see, etc.  You can find posts on that from writers far better than I.  

Quick Thoughts on Porto

I admit it, Porto was unexpected.  While I knew about the color and scenery of the city, the effervescence of its citizens and neighborhood charm was a surprise to me.  While the Portuguese were friendly for the entirety of our trip, I suspected Porto, with its mass of tourists, might be weary of more visitors.  I was wrong.  Porto embraces travelers, proud of its appeal to tourists.  But it is easy to feel how the residents of Porto feel about their jewel on the banks of the Douro River.  Civic and neighborhood pride is visible in their love of their sports, local bars and eateries, and welcoming nature.

Porto is a city at a crossroads.  It is fast becoming a favored travel destination in Europe, but in its heart, it remains a small port city seemingly unaware of its potential.  While I wonder in the future how Porto will handle visitor traffic; right now it is a delight of style, great food, good wine, and fun-loving inhabitants.  


Pics of Porto

Porto is where I felt the expense of my new Sony camera was worth it.  No matter how bad a photographer you may be (and I’m pretty bad!), the city is physically too stunning to not have some gorgeous snaps.  




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