Musings on Work-Life Balance

Musings on Work-Life Balance
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I’ve been neglecting this site the last few weeks.  Issues at the office have dominated my attention to start the new year, and I’ve been pushing my creative pursuits aside to stamp out a myriad of work fires. But I realize it is a slippery slope. Last year I emotionally crashed and burned after a decade of being dedicated solely to my business. I started this blog site as a way to express myself creatively and regain my work-life balance. So I worry I’m heading down the same destructive path as before.

Why shouldn’t I be passionate about running my company? It’s an essential part of my life. My dilemma is I’ve never learned to strike a balance between my work and personal life. As a geek, I’m easily consumed by anything I devote my interest in pursuing, often excluding everything else in my life. I call it putting on my “geek blinders.”

I’ve debated combining these two elements of my life by writing about topics relating to work. As I have a considerable amount of insight into starting and growing a company after ten years, it makes sense. But I realize that approach only aggravates the problem. Getting more creativity to my job is a great idea but adding work ingredients to my creative outlet is a recipe for disaster. Let’s face it, tofu meatloaf may be good for you, but do you want to eat it?

When I started this blog last year, I made the conscious decision to focus on personal interests and opinions, and separate work topics from this site. While work topics may occasionally bleed over, I didn’t want to write about the best way to conduct meetings or how to fire an employee. You can find plenty of better bloggers than me discussing those topics, and honestly, the subject matter makes me want to vomit. No, I want this site to be my escape from work.

So how do I find that balance between both work and creativity? Well, based on recent events, I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer the question. Last year I realized I had fallen into the trap of letting work also be my hobby. But all work and no play not only made AJ a dull boy, but it also created high levels of stress and anxiety. I had no outlet to escape the pressures of running a company. Along with other changes in my life, writing helped me battle my inner demons. I have to remind myself that writing can’t be a “hobby” for me. Hobbies are distractions. Writing is a salve for my soul, medicine for my peace of mind.


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