Me Too

Me Too
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I’ve noticed a lot of social media postings today with the two simple words: “me too”.  This hashtag has been posted by individuals who have been sexually harassed or assaulted at some point in their lives.  This really hit home for me when personal friends posted the same two words.  These aren’t famous Hollywood actresses, but people I know from high school or college, old neighbors or longtime family friends.  They do not crave publicity or have any incentive to distort the truth.   No, they simply wish to stand up and be counted as we grapple with a society that lays guilt at the feet of the victims while electing a self-admitted molester to the highest political office in the land.

To all the victims of sexual harassment and assault, I have a two-word reply: “I’m sorry”.  I’m sorry you’ve had to suffer through such situations in your lives.  I’m sorry that our society cannot seem to understand the gravity of this problem; sorry that a great country such as ours feels the need to justify harm against you as “locker room talk” or “boys will be boys”.  And I’m sorry we men refuse to treat women as the equals you all are.
 I’m sorry.


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