La Antigua Clasico Reserva

La Antigua Clasico Reserva
Vintage 2008

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information about this wine, as I could not find a website for the winery.  However, it appears that the back label of the bottle has a wealth of information!

La Antigua Clasico Reserva

This wine is a Garnacha Blend, with 60% Garnacha, 30% Tempranillo, and 10% Graciano grapes.  The grapes are grown organically and were originally planted between 1940 and 1955.  This signifies mature vines.  The vineyards are located in the Rioja region of Spain, that has a limestone and sandy soil. They are grown at high elevations (700m or 2,296 ft).  At this elevation, it is nearly impossible to use machinery in the harvesting process, so the grapes are picked by hand.

According the the importer , the vines are located on northern facing Sierra de La Demanda mountains.  This provides cooler temperatures, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly.  When this occurs, the grapes produced have more flavor and balance.  The Sierra de La Demanda mountains are the location of the oldest garnacha vines in Rioja.  The result of these grapes are a wine of maturity and complexity.

La Antigua is a union of small independent vineyards that band together to grow the grapes AND produce the wine.

Review of La Antigua Clasico Reserva 2008

This wine is aged for 4 years  in 60% French and 40% American Oak barrels.

Tasting notes: Dark, ripe plum nose with a musty earth overtone.   Fruity but with a mature and balanced flavor.  Long even finish, little tannins.   Excellent!


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