The world is an odd place, full of wonder but also contradictions. I often struggle to reconcile the two elements of our environment. Musings allow me to state the obvious (which I may not have realized until now), rant, get on my soapbox, and realize the more I learn today, the less I will be wrong tomorrow.

Thought for the Day

"If you don't respect yourself, don't feel surprised when other people don't respect you either."  --Me (although I'm sure something has said the same statement in a more profound way!)


Here’s a Thought…

How about we make it illegal for a President to pardon an individual for a crime the President MIGHT have been involved in?  There is no incentive for a person…


A Conscientious Fan’s Dilemma

A few days ago, this popped up on my news feed:

This is an issue for me. I’m a diehard Cubs fan, but I’m also adamantly opposed to destructive and polarizing policies of this current Trump administration. So how do I reconcile these now diametrically opposed beliefs? I love my Cubs, but also I despise Donald Trump as he lies and divides this country, tearing it down piece by piece.