Bio in Brief:  My name is AJ, and I’m a walking contradiction.  I’m an introverted entrepreneur; a liberal country boy; a rural Renaissance man.  I love my wife, dogs, the Chicago Cubs, good wine and bad food.

My History

Bio (the Long Form):  I’ve always been a square peg in a round hole. I was born in the south but my parents were Yankees. I grew up in a rural setting but shared little of the interests of my neighbors; while my friends were hunting and fishing, I preferred my nose in a book. I grew up in the Bible Belt but my family never went to church. Politically, I’m a liberal in a conservative state.   I’m always searching for the perfect wine pairing for pork barbecue.  This list could go on forever.  I’ve never fit in anywhere, but frankly, I’ve never minded that fact.  I’ve always been a bit of an oddball, I just learned to enjoy it.


As a kid, my only ambition was to go to the University of North Carolina.  I had the grades but my family was poor, so the real obstacle was money.  When I arrived in Chapel Hill in the early 80s, I had an acceptance letter, my life savings ($400), no car, and no place to live.  Graduated four years later, the best years of my life.  Unfortunately, I learned an important lesson upon graduation:  when you achieve your life’s goal at 23,  you may have set your ambitions just a little too low.

Work and Travel

After college, I fell into a technical career (I have a natural affinity for it, a side effect of the “geek” gene).   While working as a programmer for a huge global project, my company wanted to send me to Ireland for business.  Being the country rube that I am, I had no desire to leave the good ‘ol US of A, so I fought it tooth and nail.  Eventually, they made me go, but once I landed in Dublin, the land of Guinness and pubs, I knew I had stumbled on another personal contradiction: a redneck who loves to travel.

For the last 12-13 years, I have been working at a company I co-founded, working with my partners to run a successful consulting and professional services business.  My job is rewarding but also very challenging and stressful.  Another, less beneficial, aspect of the geek gene is social anxiety coupled with being a strong INFJ introvert and a highly sensitive person (HSP).  I battle my anxiety demons and my personality to do my job. It’s a constant struggle.

A Meandering Mind

I called my blog “A Meandering Mind” because it matches how my life has progressed and how I live today.  Historically, things have gone in different directions from what I have expected with interests very different from those around me.  I have a love of travel, exploring and learning, but I struggle with simple things like parties and social events.  I have “meandered” my way through life, never having detailed plans or goals.  While I will never claim to be a great writer, I’ve never let a lack of talent stop me from trying anything.

As I have a “day” job, I can’t see a reason to monetize this site, have a newsletter, email list or anything like that.  I’ve sworn off most social media, so this is my platform for my thoughts and random musings.

I want to share what meager information and insight I have gleaned through life with anyone who might find it valuable, improve my writing and photography skills, drink wine, make smart-ass comments, and enjoy the process.