Baron de Ley Varietales Tempranillo

Baron de Ley Varietales Tempranillo
Varietal Tempranillo

I always like to say that I’m a wine drinker that is turning into a wine lover.  But I have discovered that although I love to try new wines, I really don’t know much about them.  Recently I decided that when I open a new bottle of wine in my house, I will take a few minutes and learn a little bit about it.  My hope is that the more I learn, the more discerning wine drinker I become.   Like anything you want to do well in life, you have to “practice, practice, practice’.   Nowhere is that adage more fun than when it comes to drinking wine!

Baron de Ley Winery and Vineyard

The Baron de Ley  winery is a restored monastery that dates back to 1548.  The Benedictine monks of that period produced wine as part of their monastic duties and planted the initial vines in the area.   In 1836 the monastery was confiscated by the Spanish government and deeded to Spanish nobility.    Baron de Ley planted the first vines for the creation of their wine in 1985, and established their winery within the old monastery.

Located in the north of Spain close to the Pyrenees, the winery vineyards are influenced by a variety of environmental agents.  For this Varietales Tempranillo wine, the grapes come the winery’s Carboneras vineyard.  Situated at a height of over 800 meters, this vineyard is the highest growing point in La Rioja.  The vineyard ground has a high acidity and mineral content, and a continental climate.

Review of Baron de Ley  Varietales Tempranillo

This wine is aged for 12 months in new American Oak casks.

Tasting notes: Dark berry and earthy on the nose.  Dark cherry and blackberry taste, with a touch of vanilla.  Bold finish, perhaps a little too acidic, but mellows in the glass after a few minutes.   I love this wine!


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