A Good Day to “Be”…

A Good Day to “Be”…
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As I stare out my window at a dreary, chilly Saturday morning, I think this might be a good day to relax with my journal, a cup of coffee and a nice warm fire.  In other words, it is a good day just to “be”.

We don’t get enough “be” days anymore.  There are always items to knock off the to-do list.  We have to get the kids to practice, mow the yard, make dinner, finish that report for work.  I’m not saying that none of those things are important, only that as people we are addicted to “completion”.  We never seem to take the time to stop what we are doing, even for a moment, and realize the magic in our lives.  And it doesn’t matter how much you make, how sick you are, or who your president may be, we DO live in a truly magical existence.

We are too rushed getting ready for work to notice the sunrise, too busy at work to listen to the rain falling on the window, too consumed with preparing dinner to see the last rays of the day on the trees.  Our world is our greatest teacher, and we don’t take the time to listen to the lessons anymore.

And as a result, we are becoming ignorant.  We no longer sense the energy of the world around us, so we don’t feel the connections which bind us to this place, or sometimes even to each other.  Without those connections our view of our place in the world is singular.  We don’t realize our place as part of society; we see ourselves as individuals.  But part of the conceit of an individual is that we feel our views and opinions carry more weight than they do.   We think ourselves apart from the greater whole.

But we’re not.  For our society to function properly we have to realize we all have a place in it.  And that is what is missing today.  In the age of smartphones, Facebook and hell, even blogging, we’ve disconnected from our society.  There’s an old adage of “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Well, that village is disintegrating before our eyes.

How can we fix this?  My answer is: “be”.  Take a few quiet minutes every day to connect to the world around you.  Relish the simple joys of being at the moment.  Remember who you are and your place in this world.  Realize that before we label ourselves Democrat or Republican, American, Christian or Muslim, we are all at our core all the same.  Human.


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