A Conscientious Fan’s Dilemma

A Conscientious Fan’s Dilemma

A few days ago, this popped up on my news feed:

This is an issue for me. I’m a diehard Cubs fan, but I’m also adamantly opposed to destructive and polarizing policies of this current Trump administration. So how do I reconcile these now diametrically opposed beliefs? I love my Cubs, but also I despise Donald Trump as he lies and divides this country, tearing it down piece by piece.

But I’ve been a Cubs fan for 40 years. I rooted for this team through thick and thin, suffering through 100+ loss seasons, epic game collapses, the “curse”, poor managers, crappy GMs, and overpriced free agent signings. I’ve also cheered when they won their division, had great playoff races, and followed exciting home run chases and outstanding individual player performances. In 2016 I experienced the pinnacle of success when my Cubs ended a 100-year drought and won the World Series. Hell, I’ve seen it all.

My passion for Cubs also predated Todd Ricketts and his clear support for Donald Trump. In addition, the players on the team are not responsible for the decisions of their team’s owner. I get it. But the Chicago Cubs is also a business, and I cannot in good conscience support an organization which at its top-level tolerates racism and intolerance.

So I’m struggling with this dilemma and I don’t have a good solution. No matter what I do, I won’t be happy with the outcome. That’s Life I guess, we never find great answers to our problems. The logical mind would always choose the needs of the country over the needs of a sports team.  Re-electing Trump will only increase the chaos and suffering for citizens in this nation. Whether the Cubs win or lose baseball games has little bearing to the day-to-day lives of most Americans. That’s rational thinking, but true fandom is never rational. We are fanatic, superstitious dyed-in-the-wool supporters.

It’s hard to separate Chicago Cubs the team from Chicago Cubs the business. But at the end of the day, all I can do is withhold my money. I often vote with my wallet. The only vote that still counts in this country is the dollar. I support companies or products who share my philosophies. Entities who run afoul with my tenets on ethical standards and practices receive none of my hard-earned dollars if I can help it.  I can root for the team on the field. I’ll keep up with the scores and follow the standings, but Ricketts will not get a dime out of me to support bigotry and nationalism. Until we push Trump out of the White House, I will boycott attending games, not buy team products or watch Cubs games on television (no ad revenue).

Todd Ricketts: kiss my Cubs-loving ass!



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