2016 Orin Swift Machete California Red Blend

2016 Orin Swift Machete California Red Blend
2016 Machete California Red Blend

I was talking to one of my fellow wine-lover friends a couple of months back, and she was raving about a California Red Blend called Orin Swift Machete.  She said it was one of the best wines she has ever had.  Knowing her taste palate tends to bold, in-your-face wines. Realizing my wife likes the same wine style, I bought a few bottles.

Per the winemaker’s notes on their website, they didn’t worry about the appellation constraints; instead focusing on creating a wine that captures all the nuance of a petite Sirah based wine, both powerful and delicate at the same time.  This wine is an iron fist in a velvet glove, delivering a knockout of dark fruits with a subtlety of chocolate and cherries.     

Before the rise of Super Tuscans, blends had a reputation for a substandard wine.  Now blends are more innovative, breaking the stranglehold of terroir restrictions and wine snobbery.  Machete is a Napa, California blend with all the makings of a mad winemaker’s laboratory experiment.  But in the end, it works, easily rivaling the better Tuscan blends from my perspective.   

Machete is a blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Grenache varietals.  The wine ages for 10 months in French Oak barrels, of which 40% are new.  New French Oak may be the secret critical component for Machete.  As French Oak is more subtle and smooth while American Oak imparts a stronger flavor to the wine.  French Oak maturation may help to blend this wine together into a wine greater than the sum of its parts.  (although the newer barrels ensures the wines isn’t TOO tame!) 

My Tasting Notes

This wine is as daring as its label, with a strong nose of plums, coffee, and tobacco.  Good palate of dark plum and fig, along with a touch of minerality in a long finish.   Complex for such a young wine.  This wine definitely benefits from time to open up, so decant or let it breathe for 30 minutes or longer.     


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