2016 Block & Tackle Cabernet Sauvignon

2016 Block & Tackle Cabernet Sauvignon
2016 Block & Tackle Cabernet Sauvignon

I love great “value” wines. For a wine drinker, there are few things better than buying a low-cost bottle of wine, opening it, and having it surprise you, outpacing its cost with good flavor and quality. The 2016 Block & Tackle Cabernet Sauvignon did exactly that for me. I bought this wine at a local wine shop (shout out to Sunset and Vine in Blowing Rock, NC for this selection.  Support your local wine shop!). My wife was grilling out some spicy jalapeno burgers. My cab stock was low, so I picked up this bottle for $16 to pair with our meal.

For $16, my expectations were not high, but California tends to bold Cabernets, and thought it would pair well with the spiciness of the burgers. My ability to pair wine with food is marginal at best, but I can honestly say I got this one right. This cab is fruity but with bold black cherry and currant. It matched the hot pepper “kick” of the burgers with some saucy flavor of its own. The burger didn’t overpower the wine, and vice-versa.

I tried to find information on the winery but there isn’t much on the internet. I think the vintners (Root Stock Cellars) get their grapes from other growers but make the wines themselves. While this may make the quality of the wine variable from year to year, the 2016 Cab is an excellent value, and that’s enough for me.

Varietal makeup for this wine:
78% Cabernet Sauvignon
13.5% Petite Syrah
7% Ruby Cabernet
1.5% Merlot

My Tasting Notes

Fruity with a little vanilla on the nose. Very fruit forward, with black cherry and currant. Balanced with a light finish. Good tannins, perhaps a little light for a California Cabernet.


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